Google Translate – it works!

At a hotel in Korea using their laundry facilities when someone asked us where to put in the fabric softener. We had no idea. While our clothes were drying we found a free translation app that uses your camera or voice and translates what your camera sees or what the microphone hears into your target language through “Google Translate.” It is downloadable via Android or IOS users.


Oh look! It’s so easy to use!

We explained how to use it to the lady who returned to move her clothes into the dryer and she immediately downloaded it but her cell phone camera did not translate it in real time like ours did. (Check out my demo video to see what it looks like!) We figured out that she needed to go into “Settings” (the icon on the top left for Android users that looks like 3 dashes under each other), choose “offline translation,” then choose whichever language it is detecting (in our case – Korean) and it began to work!

She was as excited as we were at how simple and quick this technology is! So glad we discovered this app. I’m sure it will be useful in our time here in Korea!

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