surprise dinner

You want to know how I KNOW there is a God who sees and that prayer works? My daughter said THIS  was delicious after I whipped this concoction together for dinner (just made it up) while dealing with a meltdown from another as I was trying to cook. Thank God for food in the fridge and pantry! Thank God for creativity!

Doesn’t this look scrumptious!?!?

Recipe anyone? Ground turkey, garlic, cut up cauliflower head (after “steaming” it for 5 minutes which, of course, did nothing), huge can of whole tomatoes plus the juice, can of green chilies, and frozen corn. Stir while quickly cutting up the chunks of cauliflower and tomato down with kitchen shears to make it look more edible. (Time is ticking folks- bedtime is 9:30! Can’t be late!!!) Cook until cauliflower is soft(er). Plate meal. Add a healthy (huge) handful of mozzarella cheese over top (to hide evidence). Locate a can of cranberry sauce in pantry …. why not? Add a dab of that on the side. Avoid questions like, “What is this?” Don’t respond to comments like, “That smells good- like chicken-  what is it?

I texted my husband this photo, “this is dinner surprise.” He texts back, “You should’ve chopped it up into tiny pieces. No one is going to eat that.”

And maybe because of sheer hunger or because of the loads of cheese or because there IS REALLY A GOD (YES OF COURSE THERE IS) – maybe, just maybe, YOUR family will gobble it up. Maybe your pickiest eater will also ask YOU to make it again. Maybe they will even request it for breakfast the next day (“unless you make biscuits or something like that”).

Thank you God for your grace tonight. Believe me, it was headed towards a looong night. I’ll just leave it at that.

I don’t know why I didn’t plan out a crock pot meal for dinner today with the different things we had going on this evening (I did actually plan it, but it required me to do my full grocery shopping yesterday which I didn’t do). #dontjustplantheplanyougottaDOtheplan

I’m not sure why I needed to use the cauliflower TODAY with the turkey. I could have used the half head of cabbage which was left over instead. Also, that would have been a safer bet as I’m not too familiar with cauliflower. I just know I saw a friend’s post earlier raving about how good it was when she made her cauliflower like mashed potatoes and THAT was what was in my mind as I was driving home after 7pm planning out what in the world was I going to make for dinner. #blamesocialmedia HAHA. I just pulled an Adam!

I didn’t give in on the drive home though. No stopping at the fast food places on the way.  (Funny, I noticed the kids didn’t even ask or make any comments about food on the drive home. I know they were hungry. They knew the answer was “no.” But, if only they could read my thoughts…good thing they can’t!) I DID think about stopping though, every time I passed by a chicken place. KFC…. Bojangles… hmmm. No! Must teach the kids about money and eating healthier. I can’t stop tonight just because I didn’t plan out dinner! If I did that then what kind of mom would I be?!? (Riiiight) Besides… my birthday is coming up soon. We can plan to go out then. It’s okay then, right? #justified HAHA

I’m in a crazy mood ya’ll! Can’t you tell! I hope your night is going great like mine is!!! #feelingcrazy #parenting #mealplanningfail #Godisgood #icantbelievethis #tomorrowisanewday #sometimesyoujustgottalaugh

Woke up this am and guess who asked for leftovers for breakfast INSTEAD OF cereal!?!?!? -gasp-20180717_073523

Choosing this over cereal (which isn’t offered often in our home- maybe once or twice a week for breakfast) = #win !


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