Father’s Day movies that praise men

It’s my turn to choose the activity for our “family game night.” Once a week we alternate who gets to choose an activity the family does together. We go in age order to eliminate arguments and the only rule is that it needs to be something we all can do together. Today is Father’s Day and guess what? I love watching movies and so the perfect movie for today is “Courageous.” No one is as excited about seeing this movie again as I am. (Yes, eye rolls galore over here.) I like to be reminded of what’s important from time to time because in the busyness of life- I tend to forget.

Movies can motivate

Here’s a few movies on my shelf that I would recommend watching again especially on Father’s Day. When you do, why not send a note or give a call to the fathers in your life? It doesn’t have to be your birth father and it doesn’t have to be someone who has been a father-figure to you (but you see what he does for others). Why not give a head nod or a thumbs up or, how about this, share specific comments with the other men around you that you respect and tell them why.

Create the future you want today

Why not lift up one another and encourage one another as we journey along in this life? I’m sure whatever ails you isn’t unique to just you. A little encouragement goes a long way. (Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. Prov 27:17) I’d like my son to be able to articulate affirming words to his future children but also to his peers as well. Better start practicing and modeling these behaviors today! People say and it’s true, “More is caught than taught.” Let’s do now the actions and demonstrate the character that we want in our future generations. It’s starts with you and me right now, today.

My Father’s Day movie classics. What are yours?

Father’s Day movie ideas

Courageous. Lots of men are portrayed in this movie coming at fatherhood from different perspectives. It shows how their actions affect the other men (and families) around them. Excellent movie.

The Resolution for Women. Not a movie but a great resource, if you have both the money to buy it AND the time to go through it (maybe invite other moms to join you). There are also many resources for men as well. You really don’t need to buy anything though, just look through the Bible and learn from the narratives of the men (and women) and see how their choices affected them, their families, and the generations after them.

Coach Carter. (Based on a true story.) Samuel L. Jackson plays a dad in this movie but the focus is really in how he mentors the young men on the basketball team to rise up beyond their circumstances and work towards a greater future. A powerful scene in the movie is the recitation of “Our Deepest Fear” by Marianne Williamson (clip here)

The Pursuit of Happyness. (Inspired by a true story.) (Teaching guide here- wow!) Will Smith portrays a single dad who never left his son. Even in great difficulty, he tried to let him be a kid while continuing to do all that he could to stay afloat and work towards a better life for both of them. There are a lot of things to think about from this movie, including ‘what would you have done’ type questions.

The Family Man. I like this movie because it humorously highlights the ‘other life‘ that we could have had, had we made different choices. Nicolas Cage gets to experience life with a family. It took some adjusting as it was totally different than the life he was used to.

King’s Faith. (Resources here.) The main character in this movie isn’t a father, but what I like about this movie is how, at a critical point in his life, his foster father steps in. You don’t have to birth children to be a father to them. Your actions matter and can impact generations.

Other suggestions?

Okay so I realize all of these movies are pretty old (early 2000’s?)! What are some newer ones that YOU love and would recommend that highlights men portraying good fathers? I’ll add those to my list to choose from when it’s my next ‘family game night’ turn.

Happy Father’s Day!!

Thank you men out there for choosing to be present and loving others around you so well. If you know a man who does this, ladies (and gentlemen), let’s lift them up in prayer and through our words and actions. Let’s be sure to show and tell them how much they mean and matter to us!

Thank you for being a father to the fatherless and present for our children. Thank you for mentoring the men at your place of work. Thank you for going to work and providing for us. I appreciate you and love you!

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