Women’s Growth Fellowship – 8/3

The end.. or the start of a new beginning?

We had the last summer session gathering for the Women’s Fellowship Group last Thursday (Aug 3rd).

New friendships deepened by our love of Jesus.
I could not have done this group without help. Yes the idea went through me and I did what I knew to do to make it happen and for it to begin. (I feel like my previous experiences helped to make the planning and implementation of this easy to do.) I see all these experiences as threads which God uses for His purposes. Seeking the Lord, I took the idea and asked for prayer from others for the new group as a whole, for me in submitting to God and not taking over, and for the women that came. What I found is that I watched God move and the group achieved its purpose when I was brave enough (and humble enough) to let go of my own abilities and control and reached outside of myself for Biblical counsel and support. I tell you having an idea and then doing it can be two different things. I learned to trust more that God knew what He was doing. His timing was always right on time. God showed me how partnering with other women who also want to grow in their relationship with Him was fruitful. I saw leadership opportunities to open up the facilitation of the different areas (getting to know you, worship through music, prayer, devotional & discussion) by other women who attended. I saw how beautiful it became when these women took ownership of their role for the week since I believe we see and learn different things from different women because of our different life experiences and giftings. Whether it was hearing how they spent lots of time searching online for ideas for their role or spending even more time in prayer to God for guidance in the planning, effective delivery and impact of their role- just seeing how they bloomed when given an occasion to use their God given spiritual gifts for the body was exciting for me. I just love seeing how God works in and through each of us!!

Would I do this again?

Absolutely. I’m already brewing ideas as you read this… but I admit, I have to slow myself down – a lot. I don’t want to run ahead of God or get my head too big… these are areas I know I (personally) have to watch out for. Yet, at the same time, I try to move and do when I think God is telling me to. Most times it is not super clear so I take a step forward, watch, and wait … and then take another step forward all while keeping in relationship with Him. I even will, at times, open up about what’s happening to those who know me and they will provide questions to consider. Most times I fight letting others in about what I’m doing (or thinking to do) because I don’t want to be derailed (or hear any negative feedback or criticism) but eventually when I remember that it’s not about me and it’s never been- when I really examine my end goal of lifting His name and encouraging others to grow in Him then I open up to (and brace myself for) hearing another’s opinion, considering it and praying about it and then finally tweaking the plan as needed. It is a process that takes me continuing to let go of what I start to hold on to and going back to the purpose and vision that was given to me. The best way I’ve found that this is done is to purposefully make time to quiet my mind and read through His Word (since I pray all throughout the day). That may sound simple, but as life gets busy and hectic, it is a struggle to make and KEEP the time but SO VERY NECESSARY for me to hear back from Him. And to be re-grounded. Refocused. Realigned back to Him. Over and over. Thank you God for the privilege for ministry. Thank you for using me to encourage your people. I do not take lightly this burden you have put on me by seeing your people and wanting to help them grow closer in you. I know it is your Holy Spirit that does the true work and I am so thankful to be a part of the process. In fact, you have given this opportunity to all who know you. We all can be the light, whether dim or bright, in our different circles of influences. I thank you for coming for me, even when I didn’t care about you and lived the life you gave me my own way. I thank you for finding me and making a way for me to have this growing relationship with you. Thank you Lord for doing what I couldn’t do for myself. Thank you for saving me. If you want to know more about this, just drop me a private message and let’s talk. We make the time for what we want and I make time for those who want to grow in their relationship with God whether they are just curious or have been His for years and years.
Thanks for taking the time to read through this post! I know this will help someone else go ahead and lead that group that He’s been calling you to do. (There are other weekly reviews available as well online to read here.) How is God using YOU in the lives of those around you to grow closer to Him? It doesn’t have to be the same approach… our God is so creative and personal. Do tell- I’d like to hear about it!
P.S. Shout out to the following ladies for their help during our last week:
Getting to know you- Kimberly Wyatt Wilson “What would you tell your 20 year old self?”
Praise & Worship – Ally Nic Got us up and moving- what a feat!!! Thank you! Here is one of the songs shared “Forgiven & Loved” by Jimmy Needham. (You can see this song performed here.)
Devotional- Sheila Whitaker Walton presented an audio by Dr. Stanley on “How can I recover from my past?” This can be watched here.
Prayer- Sejana Sejana.
Again, thank you.

Check it out! Moving for Jesus!!
Want to read more?
Read more about how this new ministry to offer a summer daytime opportunity for women to come together and have intentional conversations about Jesus began and then grew by reading all of the Women’s Growth Fellowship @ Unity posts. They can be found via Facebook notes here or on the blog. (Eventually, I will post more via the blog to see where that route takes me.) Onward I go!

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