Women’s Growth Fellowship – 7/20

I’ma try and keep this summary short today folks (you know that will be hard!). Two things I want to share with you:
  1. The discussion Thursday after a segment by Dr. Charles Stanley called “Can I hang out with unbelievers and be a good witness” was interesting and varied. The audio is here: https://youtu.be/rhdOsjYtl1Q I wanted to hear more (I had some follow-up questions) especially from a few ladies who shared very briefly due to time. I have been thinking about what each shared this week and that’s really what I personally love about this time together. We are intentional in our discussions about the Lord and how he works out in our different lives. (It starts out each Thursday by making the decision to come and wrangle the kids (if you needed to bring them) and drive on over. Their efforts are rewarded with a time of Biblical fellowship with women who seek the Lord with their whole hearts and conversations to consider throughout the week.) One of the things Dr. Stanley said was, “Jesus purposely met with certain groups. His goal was to bear witness with them about who He was.” Jesus is holy and overcame the power of sin and temptation. As for us, though we are never alone we are still here in the fight… so we must be careful what we are doing & saying, who we are with and where we are. Our environment has a great impact and influence on us whether we recognize it or not. Some ladies mentioned difficult relationships with their unbelieving spouse, with their children, relationships with their extended family members, their parents and long-time friends… each of us have to be intentional with these relationships and be willing to ask God “How is this going to affect my relationship with you?” We must remain aware of who is influencing whom and the impact that we have upon one another. Proverbs 22:24-25 “…or you may learn their ways and get yourself ensnared” Matt 5:14-16 “shine your light for all to see…” You probably have an opinion regarding the discussion question as well… how do YOU navigate being a ‘good witness’ around unbelievers?
  2. I want to thank the many hands that went into last week. I left our time together (in a hurry because I was stayed later than I intended continuing in fellowship but ended up being late to another event!! yikes!!) excited about each woman who came and the time we spent. All shared and contributed to the different discussions. And some had “jobs” they volunteered to do and did well in their roles. I want to thank each of you for adding your personal touch to these areas last Thursday!! It wouldn’t have been as special without each of you there. So THANK YOU to these women for the following roles last week:
Welcome – Ellen Garrett Zaborsky Getting 2 Know U – Selene Daniels Music – Sejana Sejana Prayer – Kimberly Wyatt Wilson Devotion & Discussion – Sheila Whitaker Walton
So, see you tomorrow, Thursday July 27th at 9:30 am if you’re local! If not, please say a quick prayer for this time that it would continue to be fruitful for those who come. IT HAS BEEN SO I THANK YOU GREATLY!! Our last week for this (type) of meeting will be next Thursday Aug 3rd at 9:30am. I am very grateful for having had this opportunity and for the lessons I learned and experienced through it. Have a great week folks!!! Hope to see you tomorrow!! (You can find the other week’s summaries on FB too!)

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