True Story…

Saturday, the hub was afraid that I would go “Chuck E Cheese” on somebody (an event that happened over EIGHT YEARS AGO!! Talk about drudging up the past! haha) when we couldn’t get into the game using our free military tickets- thankfully I didn’t embarrass myself or represent poorly with my gear plastered all over (wearing my Good News Club shirt). This one nice lady ended up going to another manager lady who figured out what the issue was- THANK YOU both for taking the time!!! As soon as we sat down in our general seating seats- just anywhere way up there near the top – I was on my phone still trying to let the various avenues I previously reached out to (email, phone, their official FB page, FB messenger… bird calls- I would have if I thought it would have worked!) know that the problem was resolved, we were in, and were thankful for the free tickets to our first indoor football game!!

Our first experience with an indoor football game!! and FREE!! Thank you to the @Richmondroughriders for honoring the military with free tickets!
Well about 2 minutes after I’m done with all of that, I notice a man with a suit jacket on come up the stairs towards us followed by a teenager … and then to our row (we were the only ones in the row) and then he comes over to ME and I notice he has a microphone in his hand and he says- “We are doing a contest and you guys are going to be moved to better seating. What’s your name?” I was like WHAAAAAAA???? Cool! I told the hub, but no one could really understand me because it was loud in there and then next thing I knew he was talking into the microphone and I could hear the echo across the coliseum and then he stuck it in my face so I said “Sejana.. wow thanks!!” and he said follow him and so we followed the teen and him down the stairs to the first level and behind the rest of the football team who were waiting on their play and then I saw the photographer snapping shots of us so I give her a good pose as I walked on (paparazzi love that- I would know because my family thinks that’s me all the time). He said we could sit in the round tables right there next to the field, but they had bar chairs and the kids couldn’t really see since we were eye level and then security comes over and asks us where we came from- “why are you here?” And we had to explain “we just won better seats.. it was a contest… ” and we point to the guy who was walking away and I notice he went to him to confirm but then I went over there to ask if we could sit in the seating next to the bar table area and they both say sure and here we are!!! Check that out!!

Up close and personal seating! For FREE!! Thank you again to @RichmondRoughriders for the free tickets to the military for the opening game of the season!!
I gotta tell ya’ the view from the 2nd/3rd row is nice. I mean you get to hear the WHAM and BOOM of the players running into the sides of the field, fighting over the ball. I’m pretty sure my mouth was wide open in horror most of the time … you don’t really hear all of that watching a game on TV! I did ask the man as we were following him out and down to the floor level how we won the contest and he said “it was random from when you checked in on Facebook.” I was like wha??? Cause I had JUST wrote on their FB page that we were excited about the free military tickets (once the issue got resolved and I was trying to find my seat). That was crazy it was so fast. And then I was thinking- how did he know it was ME in this whole arena of people?????????????? Then, I realized Facebook has my picture on it!! Whoah- who knew!!! (Yeah I’m a bit slow at times- haha.) But still- there was still a LOT of people in there…

Their mascot was working the crowd.. he was a riot!
Well, anyway… the POINT of all this is- don’t lose your cool. Ever. You never know the ripple effect when you do but then also- when you don’t! I’m thankful for this great experience and yes, I told everyone that helped me THANK YOU for doing what they did as we went along that roller-coaster of an experience. 🙂 Thank you God for the nice time out with my family and showing me, yet again, how much I have grown and changed over these years.

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