Foster Wha?*


Foster wha?*
SEJANA SEJANA·WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 2016 *this entire post is copied from my personal FB notes & rehomed here!
God always provides. We have been discussing children and as of right now the answer for more of our own is “no” but we will be moving forward with applying to be foster care/ respite providers. I’ve attended the briefing at a local foster care agency several weeks ago and have talked to others who have served in this area. I needed more information about what it is like to be a foster parent and as I was looking for a book for my hub at the library, I saw this propped up on the shelf. I just finished it today. It was just what I wanted. After the first chapter, I thought- is this person trying to convince folks NOT to foster??? as I continued to read while wide-eyed and thinking ‘are we asking to sign up for this!?’
foster care
First book I’ve ever read on foster care… EVER. This was in 2016.  Found this propped up on the shelf at the library… just what I wanted – an inside look at the life of a foster family. Any other books that you can recommend?
In the end, I know that if God puts on your heart and mind to care for the orphans (we already know that He said it in His word (for example in James 1:27, Psalm 10:14, Matt 25:35, Matt 22:36-40...) He will make it so. So, I’m not sure what the future holds for us but we will take steps to apply and see what happens. It will be a long process (to apply) and then if we are accepted, I know it will the beginning of a new journey for our family. God will provide.

Just so you know…

I have not always thought of doing this. I was oblivious to the huge number of children in our midst who need safe homes with food to share, love to give, and a stable environment to provide. In Virginia, there are over FIVE THOUSAND children in the foster care system as of Sept 2014. That is so sad. Even more sad is the realization that after they age out of the system, if the child was not able to set themselves up (I don’t know how really) for “success” at age 18 or 21 (depending on their state and their desire to remain in the system)- then who’s house can they go to for support? Who can they call for help? Who will encourage them along the way? What if they lose the job they had lined up? How can they pay their bills? How will they continue on? What if they have no home to go to? No job? What will they do? These questions haunt me and I have experienced glimpses just this year of what it is like to feel helpless, to feel alone, to have what feels like no choices before you. I am reminded of what it might be like for those who are truly in those situations and see no hope or way out.
I am not sure what we are to do but I can not ignore (anymore) what I am finding. The reality is that there is a huge need and I am not doing anything at all to help fix it. Why is it my problem? Why do I care? I have no idea. I often wonder what’s it all about? Am I just trying to “save everybody”? Am I thinking I just need to do what is “good” and “right”? I really don’t know but what I DO know is that I have tried to ignore this need but it keeps coming back. I think about what we have and what others may not have. I know we have a great life. I know that many children- many through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN are set up for failure. They have no safety net, no foundation of support but instead have adult experiences when they are a child. What kind of adults will these kids grow up to be? I have been praying about what God wants me- SEJANA- to do to help. What does He want me to do? What can I do – from where He has placed me?
We don’t know specific answers most times. I do know that I can go through the process and apply and see what happens along the way. Please pray for us. Pray for the children in your midst. Pray for those who are undiscovered and are in danger or running forward on the path to destruction. We can make lifelong choices when we are children by making foolish choices. I know I made a lot of them since I thought I knew more than I did but now that I’m older- I realize I didn’t know diddly. 🙂 I thank God that I survived my childhood. If we can help even ONE child… it won’t make a big impact to the need that exists (5K children in VA) but it WILL make a difference to that one child and whomever they influence.
If YOU are a foster parent- would you share with me other resources that you have found particularly useful to you in the beginning of your journey? Thank you for reading!
*This book was recommended to me by the Associate Director of Foster Care and Adoption, she said “One of the best books I have read about preparing to foster and or adopt is Wounded Children Healing Homes. It is a fantastic book. You probably have to order it on line, I think it is about ten dollars. I highly recommend it.” It’s not in our library systems here 😦 so I ordered it.
Now, 2 years later, I have experienced and published “Top 10 benefits from doing Foster Care.” Please have a read here

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