Thank you for the photo Baha!

Two things I offer to you if you would like to play acoustic guitar.

Practice consistently!

Learning guitar or any musical instrument requires consistent practice. You can learn without a teacher as there are many resources online but having help, especially in the beginning, can encourage you to keep going! 

Play consistently!

Find a way to play – church, form a band, invite others over regularly to play, invite yourself to play worship for a group (assisted living center, group home etc.). Anything so that you can practice for a reason!! I know it helped me when I was learning how to play – I wanted to play for church and join the worship team playing the guitar so I went to the practices for months as tried to keep up on the sidelines with my guitar (read more about that in the link below).

My first guitar lesson was only in February 2016.  Just look at me now!! (You can read about that here.) I give God all the glory and I hope to be able to continue passing on what He has given to me with whatever opportunities are presented before me. 

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