Want to meet and play worship music together?  Or are you interested in learning acoustic guitar? Learning guitar or any musical instrument requires consistent practice. You can learn without a teacher as there are many resources online but having help, especially in the beginning, can encourage you to keep going!  I know it helped me when I was learning how to play. My first guitar lesson was only in February 2016.  Just look at me now!! (You can read about that here.) I give God all the glory and I hope to be able to continue passing on what He has given to me.  I also am very thankful for the two ladies who planted the idea in my mind and kept pestering (I mean encouraging haha) me that I could teach guitar. I’m glad they did. I love it! My first “interview” of a student for guitar was Nov 2017 and she continued until I prepared to relocate to South Korea.

Be on the lookout, I will share which resources I recommend to others that would like to learn without a teacher.

I would like to continue teaching guitar here in South Korea, once I actually get my guitar from off the boat as it is being shipped over currently along with the rest of our items. Still waiting!! In the meantime, feel free to contact me here.

I am also interested in starting up a regularly occurring group worship jam session event. All ages and all ability levels. I hosted one back in Virginia and it was great! Maybe I can do it again here or if you know of any already happening, let me know!

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