4 comments on ““How do I study God’s Word?””

“How do I study God’s Word?”

original question... name has been removed to protect the innocent 😉 FIRST THINGS FIRST God communicates with His people in so many different ways- He is not limited. We know that there are many ways that we can communicate to…

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Women’s Growth Fellowship – 7/27

I asked you to pray specifically about this week as I planned to share some of my "testimony" aka how I came to know Christ as my personal Savior. I thank you for your prayers and faith in me. I…

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To Mentor or not to Mentor… just do it!!

This week marked the 2nd anniversary with myself as a "mentor" to someone else. (Notice how I said "this week"- I say that because I am LATE! It was Oct 25th that marked our anniversary but in order that I…