Dealing With Conflict

I'm struggling with showing up in the world and using my voice but in the right way. I was trying my best to avoid conflict but it happened anyway. In this blog I share with you what happened, how I'm looking to God to see what He did and how He provides the answer even today. Check out this great resource inside on conflict!!! I hope it is as helpful to you as it was to me. Let me know!

Make That Change

"Make That Change" is how Michael Jackson finished his song "Man in the Mirror." I love that song. To me it talks about the value of personal responsibility but I'd like to add that as Christians, we must first go to God. Now I know that God and His words have been taken out of context as well as our actions (or inactions) in history to choose our way verses God's way. Those decisions have caused ripple effects of pain and death all around the world for generations. As I try to look at the entirety of the Bible, I can see how God has indeed provided the Way for us to live in these times today, however difficult they are. Please let me know if I've twisted the Truth of God or hold it high in this latest blog post, which is what I always aim to do. I hope this encourages you in some way to continue to go to the Lord in prayer. He is already working throughout these difficult times and may we continue to trust in Him following His lead to love as He has loved us.


There is a lot of hurt, a lot of dying and a lot of people responding to the events happening in America (and even the world) today. In my personal effort in wanting to explore my own thoughts and hear other's thoughts on these tough subjects, I thought I would ask my friend Sherri if…

Faith Strong Interview

Let me read this blog to you! I had the privilege to be interviewed for the 10th episode of the 'Faith Strong' series by the 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command (ESC) US Army Chaplain, Chaplain Morris. It was an eye-opening experience for me to be a part of this effort to share how I stay 'Faith…

Being Intentional with Church during separation

Listen to this blog here! Wow... I forgot what Mother's Day meant last year (2019) for us here on Camp Walker in Daegu, South Korea. It meant "goodbye" to the on-post church worship service I called my home since committing to a church after moving here from the United States due to the military. We…