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Join us at IF:Gathering2019 ! IF:Local host Daegu_anjirang South Korea

You are invited to make plans to join in and connect with local women at an IF:Gathering nearest you. IF is about discipleship. IF is about equipping you to go out into your places to do and live like our…

2 comments on ““It must be hard raising kids…””

“It must be hard raising kids…”

Thank you so much Lord for your timeliness. Often times I wonder what's taking so long with what I want to have happen and when things like this happen, I am reminded of just WHO you are. You are the…

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“Fear is a liar” shirt meaning

I put on this shirt today and my loved one (who will remain nameless) said it didn't make sense. "Fear isn't a liar! You need fear- it's what keeps you safe." True.......... That is true. But it can also keep…

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How I survived my first day!

I’d like to share what helped me survive the bouts of complaints that periodically spewed from my 4th grader or the demanding questions that came from my 5th grader or the spats over chores….

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Women’s Growth Fellowship – 7/13

Obstacles Build Character My daughter was in a children's play Saturday. She was a munchkin. Anyway there is a scene in the play where the wicked witch is trying to get the slippers off of Dorothy's feet. She is grunting…

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Women’s Growth Fellowship – 7/6

Let it go I learned a big lesson at our last gathering. Actually, it's a lesson that seems to repeat itself in several areas of my life. Let it go. So the intention of this group was not to have…