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I know that some conversations can be life-changing – so I invite you to contact me publicly or privately if there is something you’d like to discuss. The latest “spiritual gifts” test I took early in 2018 listed my top 3 as faith, shepherding and exhortation (and hospitality). I don’t know everything and don’t pretend like I do but I DO have clear interests. I love the Lord and helping others explore who He is and I gravitate naturally towards encouraging others to discover and grow in their purpose. I love to worship and praise God- especially through music. So I’m very happy I can now play the guitar and use that to help lead worship. I also enjoy art, food, writing, painting, exploring, playing games……………. anything but cleaning. Routines are hard for me yet I know they are important. I tend to do things in groups or lead groups for accountability and time reasons. I also am very interested in all aspects of leadership. I make time for those who want to grow.Β  I recognize the need to mentor and disciple the next generation and all those whom God has placed in our circles of influence. Lastly, I’ll just say that I have many, many loved ones who do not know the Lord as I do. My heart breaks for them and I have learned that I cannot make a blind person see- but I can pray and trust in the One who can.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…. not sure if any of that is helpful to you or not if you’re just meeting me for the first time but I hope to hear from you if you want to talk!




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